Cummings Center



For the past two years, we were socially isolated, physically distant, and our worlds seemed darker. The one shining light in the lives of our seniors were the online programs and services provided by the Cummings Centre.

When seniors come to the Cummings Centre, they feel as if they are in their second home (both in-person and virtually). This Chanukah, as we celebrate an ancient miracle, we turn to you to help us create everyday miracles right here at home. With your support, the Cummings Centre Foundation can continue to make an incredible impact on the senior community and help those in need.

Every dollar you give to the Cummings Centre Foundation transforms the lives of real people in your community. From crucial social services, mental health support, Meals on Wheels, Adapted Exercise programs, and homecare to fitness, painting, woodshop, bridge, and lecture series, the Centre has it all.

This Chanukah, with your gift, you can make a small, but mighty difference. Please donate today and help us continue to give our seniors a sense of community, connection, and care.


Thank you for making this Chanukah a brighter one for all vulnerable seniors in our community.

Our warmest wishes to you and your family for a happy, safe and healthy Chanukah and holiday season!

Be a lifeline for a senior in need by making your gift to the CJCS Foundation by December 31, and benefit from a 2022 tax receipt.

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